ecommerce consultancy

Ecommerce Consultancy

I have managed ecommerce websites with an annual revenues from £2m to £22m, selling to customers including crafters, heavy metal fans, outdoor enthusiasts and the elderly. Ecommerce is still in it’s infancy, and I welcome the opportunity to talk to you about how I can improve the performance of your online store.

The tried and tested route to growing your store revenue is improving the number of sessions, conversion rate or average order value. Or ideally all of these at the same time. And since it is easier to convert existing customers to spend more or buy more frequently, it is vital to be working towards increasing your customers’ lifetime value. These KPIs do not operate in isolation: increasing the number of visitors will not necessarily increase revenue.

If you’re not sure how to develop your ecommerce strategy, then get in touch and we can talk through what you have tried and where to concentrate efforts next.

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