content strategy

Content Strategy

Your website is your most controllable asset, and a great way for potential new customers to discover you. If you’re not too sure what to write about, or how often to publish, then talk to me and we can figure out a content plan to attract new visitors and improve your engagement with your existing customers.

The first step in identifying an appropriate content strategy is to determine what the objective of your website is. I can help you figure that out, and how you can measure success.

Written content can be an aid to attracting new customers and helping to increase engagement and converting those already visiting. Don’t just publish because you know you should; develop a content plan and make every word count.



I am an experienced copywriter. I can write in depth about ecommerce and digital marketing, drawing on my 10 years of experience managing ecommerce websites and writing content for a wide range of communities. From crafters to heavy metal fans, and outdoor enthusiasts to the eldery market, each audience needs a different tone of voice and approach to copywriting be relevant and interesting.

My experience working in numerous ecommerce roles in a range of company sizes and managing teams across diverse disciplines lends me to write with confidence about the subject. Get in touch if you would like some content written with authority.

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